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How to request a review

Are you an iPhone, iPad, or Android developer who’d like to see your fun, wholesome kid-friendly app reviewed on Best Kids Apps?

Send a short description of your app to  If we’re interested, we’ll ask for a code.  If we love your app, we’ll review it.   Here’s how to make your submission stand out:

Be smart and brief.

This is exactly what we see when you email us:

Maximize your subject line.  We already know it’s a kids’ app review request.  Instead, tell us your app’s name, platform, and age range.  Example: The Amazing Spider-Man. iPhone/iPad. Ages 4+.

Maximize your preview too.  Instead of, “Dear Jamie and Jen, Holy cats, I love your site!”, lead with a 1-sentence sales pitch.  Example: POW! ZAP! WOOSH!  You can now help Spider-Man fight crime with the swipe of a finger!

Don’t forget that link.

Include a link to your app in the App Store or Android Market.  You would not believe how many people forget this essential step.  Don’t be one of them.

There is no need to follow up.

If you don’t hear back from us, it means we’re not interested at this time.  We get hundreds of submissions every week and are unable to respond to every one.

Want to advertise?  Here’s how.

We never do advertorials or paid reviews, but we do accept advertising.  Best Kids Apps gets 150,000 monthly visitors and 375,000 monthly pageviews, and every one of our readers is looking to buy high quality apps for their kids.