Best Kids Apps

Make math easy as 1-2-3…and twice as fun


At the risk of stating the obvious, learning and practicing math concepts is always more fun if it’s part of a game.


It doesn’t really matter whether kids roll dice, cut pie, or pop bubbles –  as long as they’re not stuck with a stack of boring flash cards (like we were!), anything goes.

Fraction Math

The ultimate math homework helper
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  • Age: 9+ |

  • $3.99

Fraction Math is an educational app that helps students kick their math homework blues away.

Can’t figure out the lowest common denominator? No problem. The app guides kids step by step as they work out the fraction problem and offers tips if they get stuck. Kids can solve random fraction operations or input their own custom problems.

Why we like it:

This tutorial app is a lifesaver for students who cringe at the sight of improper fractions. The app will help kids get the right answer, but they have to do the work themselves to get it. There are over 20 similar math apps by iDevsBooks, everything from long division to rounding decimals, that are worth checking out.

Watch out for:

This is not a game app. The fun part of this app is that it helps kids learn how to solve the math problem. Hard to believe, but not all kids will see the fun in that.

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A letter learning app that will have kids coming back for more
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  • Age: 3+ |

  • $2.99

LetterSchool is a “best of the bunch” letter learning and handwriting app that will keep kids coming back for more.  Which is, after all, the whole point.

This is educational technology as it should be!

Subtle audio clues help kids learn the correct way to form letters (paying attention both to order and direction of lines).  Got more than one letter learner in your house?  No problem.  This app can store scores for up to three.

Why we like it:
The app presents kids with a giggling, dancing alphabet.  They choose a letter, say Z.  “This is the letter Z!” enthuses the app, “for z, z, zebra!”  Then, kids have to trace the letter three times.  But it’s not just boring chalk, oh no!  They trace with lights, rockets, gardens, train tracks, chains, and candy necklaces.  Simple animations boost the replay value.

Teachers and occupational therapists will love the fact that they can designate lower or upper case letters (or numbers) as well as choose from three handwriting learning programs.

Once they conquer the blue background level, they’ll unlock the orange background level with many more games.

Watch out for:
It would be nice if we could input kids’ names instead of choosing from the three characters in the settings (which isn’t really very clear).  Maybe for future updates?

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Rocket Math

Aliens, rocket ships, and square roots. Yes, they go together.
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  • Age: 6+ |

  • $0.99

Rocket Math is an educational math app that lets kids take off on 56 different math missions.

Kids build their rocket and set off to identify as many fearsome square roots as they can find before their rocket comes crashing back down to Earth.

The key to this game is S-P-E-E-D, which is why a 10-year-old can outscore his mother every time.  Or so I’ve been told.

Why we like it:

It has six different difficulty levels so a beginner can tackle counting by five while a genius can work on numbers divisible by four.

Kids can’t resist little green aliens in red telephone booth rockets. This is a good thing, otherwise they wouldn’t get tricked into practicing math drills.

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