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Make math easy as 1-2-3…and twice as fun


At the risk of stating the obvious, learning and practicing math concepts is always more fun if it’s part of a game.


It doesn’t really matter whether kids roll dice, cut pie, or pop bubbles –  as long as they’re not stuck with a stack of boring flash cards (like we were!), anything goes.

Kids Socks

Match the socks! Count the socks! Find the socks!
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  • Age: 2+ |

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Kids Socks is a sweet counting, matching, memory app for very young children.  Kids aged 2-5 will love the bright colors and bold designs — it’s a great first app.

What we like:
In the easiest of the games (matching) a sock comes sailing across the line and stops at the center of the screen.   Kids select its match from the eight socks below and keep playing until the laundry is sorted.

There are also simple number recognition and memory matching games which are — you guessed it! — sock themed.

Great graphics, great sound effects, great buy.

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We tested Kids Socks on the Kindle Fire.  Developer: Mimoteo.  Read our disclosure policy.