Best Kids Apps

The Singing Alphabet

A phonetic app that will have you dancing in your seat
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  • Age: 2+ |

  • $0.99

The Singing Alphabet is a fresh and original app that defies easy categorization.

But if we had to try, we’d say it’s a phonics-based, music-mixing, jamtastic alphabet app.

With 26 friendly letters at your child’s fingertips, he can create an endless number of jazzy musical combinations.  If he touches a letter, it sings its phonetic sound in a continuous loop.  He can then add letters, make words, or press the “Shh!” button to clear selections.

Why we like it:

It’s so danceable!  Also, there are so many varieties of sounds.  The “s” sort of sounds like maracas.  The “a” sounds like a muted trumpet.  The “m” sounds like a Motown backup singer.

We could go on and on…oh, wait.  We already have.

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Rainbow Sentences

A colorful way to build sentences.
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  • Age: 4+ |

  • $7.99

Rainbow Sentences is an educational language app that teaches students how to form grammatically correct sentences with the help of color cues.  Learning nouns, verbs, and prepositions can be intimidating for young writers, but this app makes it fun.

Students have to unscramble the color-coded sentence at the bottom of a picture by dragging the words to their matching color line at the top. After they build their sentence, they can record themselves reading it out loud.

Kids will like that many of the pictures and sentences are a bit kooky: “The shoes are sleeping in the bed.” Well, duh. Don’t shoes always do that?

Why we like it:

For years, teachers have been getting their hands dirty by using good, old-fashioned markers to color cue the “who, what, where and why” parts of a sentence. This app makes it all much easier.

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Baby’s First Apps

10 apps that will keep babies exploring, learning, and laughing

The decision about when to allow children to use technology is an extremely personal one and these days it’s happening earlier than ever.  While we’re busy debating whether and how to let kids use our phones, they’re busy grabbing them.

If you’re ready to dip your toe into the world of apps for babies, here are ten high quality choices you can feel good about:

Age rating: 6 months + | Price: $1.99

Open the world’s cutest barn doors to see who is hiding (and very often oinking!) inside.  With a parent helping, tots can record their own animal sounds too, which is unspeakably cute.

Obviously, they can play alone just fine too.

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Age rating: 6 months + | Price: $1.99

Same exact idea as Peekaboo Barn.  Except, you know, with wild animals.  I think they have a forest-themed one too!

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Age rating: 3-18 months | Price: $4.99/2.99

Eight sets of fun, appealing interactive flash cards featuring animals and shapes and set to classical music.  Claims to build neural pathways in the brain, but at a minimum will keep baby happy while you make dinner.

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Age rating: 1+ | Price: $2.99

A longtime favorite of ours!  This iPhone and iPad app is such a lovely way to experience the alphabet, that kids will want to play it over and over.  Maybe adults too.

Each of the 26 letters has an age-appropriate original illustration (like “D is for Dinosaur”), background music, and an animation for your child to discover.

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Age rating: 1+ | Price: $1.99

A wonderful award-winning first app with music, beautiful illustrations, and lots of funny interactive touches for babies and toddlers to discover.

Spin the wheels, open and close the doors, spin the wipers…you get the picture.

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Age rating: 1+ | Price: $1.99

An educational app is disguised as a fish tank of fun!  Colorful fish turn into letters, numbers and shapes.  Best for toddlers and preschoolers starting to learn the alphabet.

If your kids get tired of the educational mode (which isn’t heavy handed, don’t worry!), they can just play with the fish

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7.  MOO, BAA, LA, LA, LA!
Age rating: 6 months+ | Price: $3.99

We would not be happy if anyone messed up the subtle perfection of this book, but luckily for us all it’s pitch perfect!  As interactive as this storybook app is, it’s one of the few that’s not a bit overstimulating — a perfect use of technology in our estimation.

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Age rating: 6 months+ | Price: $3.99

I have read this book dozens (if not hundreds) of times and it’s just about the most soothing bedtime ritual I can imagine.  It’s every bit as good as the other Sandra Boynton books too.  You won’t discover every hidden thing the first time through, which is nice.

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Age rating: 1+ | Price: $4.99

Elmo Loves ABCs is a fun and interactive way for your child to learn the alphabet. Trace upper case and lower case letters to unlock 80 Sesame Street video clips.

Touch the star and Elmo guides your child to touch letters and find visual word associations.

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10.  ZOOLA
Age rating: 6 months+ | Price: $2.99

This is an iPhone and iPad app that asks babies and toddlers, “What does the cow say?”, and answers the question four different ways.  You get a male pig, a female pig, a baby pig, and two pigs snuggling.   This sweet app gets a lot right and we like it.

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