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Stack the Countries [Free Promo Codes]

Who knew learning world geography could be so fun?

Stack the Countries is an excellent world geography lesson for kids disguised as a fun game.  What could be better than that?

Kids answer questions to win countries and stack them high enough to advance to the next level (just like in Stack the States).

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Stack the States

Learning states and capitals has never been this fun
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  • Age: 6+ |

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Stack the States offers kids a fun way to face the necessary evil that is memorizing our nation’s 50 states and their capitals.

I don’t know what your school district curriculum looks like, but our kids have to go through this mind-numbing process in 5th grade.  How I wish we’d had this app then!

Why we like it:
It’s a simple, but ingenious concept for a game.  Answer questions about states correctly and “win” that state.  Then position, rotate, and drop states in a pile in an effort to reach a checkered line.  States peer at you through cartoon eyes and blink and look at each other, which boosts the cute factor.

One of the best things about this game is that it shows the relative size of the various states.  Who knew Connecticut was so tiny?!  As you collect states on your personalized map, you unlock three free bonus games too.

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We tested version 1.4, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  Developer Dan Russell-Pinson. Read our disclosure policy.

USA Factbook Free

A free educational geography app for the iPhone and iPod touch

Grade: B | Age rating: 8+ | Price: FREE

USA-Factbook-FreeUSA Factbook Free is never going to win any accolades for being cute and funny because it is neither.  This utilitarian app helps kids memorize their states and capitals.  Period.
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What’s Hot:
History buffs (which is to say, no self-respecting kid) will enjoy browsing wikipedia-style information about states, major cities, important American documents, and our Presidents.  It’s all very easy to navigate, and you can play the Star-Spangled Banner too.  The Quiz feature is great for 5th graders who have to memorize all the states and capitals. (more…)