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Kids Maps

A U.S. map puzzle complete with fun facts
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Kids Maps for the iPad was created by a father for his 3-year-old daughter after he read in a parenting magazine that American kids have terrible geography skills.

This is obviously bad.

(Here I feel bound to defend American kids: 50 states is a lot of states.  Also, rote memorization of maps is sort of pointless.  Who really cares where Kyrgyzstan is when you have no data points for it?  Not that Kyrgyzstan is in the United States, because it isn’t.  Even I know that.)

But I digress.  This is a nice little app.

Why we like it:

Putting together map puzzles is a simple, timeless pleasure.  You don’t really need a lot of frills, and this app doesn’t have them.  See the state.  Drag the state to its correct place.  Drop the state.  Repeat 49 times.  This is a pleasant activity for kids aged 4-8 or so.

Another plus: this app is sometimes unintentionally funny.  Such as when it says, “North Dakota.  North Dakota is where lots of geese live.”  It just cracks me up that that’s the soundbite for North Dakota.  People in North Dakota probably don’t find it nearly as funny.

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We tested version 1.1, which is compatible with the iPad. Requires IOS 4.1 or later.  Developer Media Mechanic LLC. Read our disclosure policy.