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The easiest way to chronologically store your child's art
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  • Age: 12+ |

  • free for now

Artkive is a cloud storage app that’s going to make a lot of parents very, very happy.

When your kid brings you her newest masterpiece, simply take a photo, tag it with her name and age, and save it.  Presto!  No more getting caught recycling drawings and paintings.  No more trying to figure out how to store dioramas and noodle necklaces!

Why we like it:

Any app that deals with kids’ pack rat tendencies is okay with us.  Also, you can share with friends and family, or create a calendar, photo book, or mug (all of which take up way, way less space that the originals).

Watch out for:

I’d personally save the really special pieces, and I bet you would too.  I’d also make a photo book as a hard copy back up, just in case.  Most artwork won’t exactly match the dimensions of an iPhone picture, which is a little annoying.  It would be nice to have a crop feature.

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The Great Cookie Thief [Free Promo Codes]

"C" is for cookie
  • Age: 2+ |

  • $3.99

The Great Cookie Thief is a story app that challenges the littlest iPhone and iPad users to track down a very familiar cookie crook in the wild west.

There are lots of activities and surprise animations and artistic kids can go nuts customizing an unlimited number of “Wanted” posters.

Want to try it?

From time to time developers give us free promo codes to share with our readers.  If they don’t work, somebody beat you to it.  Better luck next time!  Codes are only good in the U.S only.

3.  MYKT7RH9M34L

If you score a code, please tell us which one you took in the comments.  Then do the developers a favor and leave a review on the iTunes App Store.  Not sure how to redeem a promo code?  There’s a link for that.

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Mask Jumble Animals

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  • Age: 3+ |

  • $2.99

Mask Jumble Animals will delight the 3-8 year old set with “magic mirror” masks that they can project onto their faces.

It’s not a static screenshot like other creative photo apps either, but a live video that floats over your face.  Cool.

In celebration of launch week, the app is on sale for just $0.99.   Also, there’s a limited free version if you’d like to try before you buy.



Why we like it:

There are a few fun ways to play with this app: 1) You can draw a card and try to “build” that mask on your own face, 2) You can take screenshots and send them to family, 3) You can touch the question mark to make silly combinations, and 4) You can unlock new masks (there are 10 in all) by playing a strawberry catching game.

Watch out for:
This app requires a front-facing camera to work, so don’t download it if you don’t have one.  You’ll need an iPad 2 or 3 or iPhone 4s.

Also, there is a very, very slight delay when taking photos.  Tell your kids to keep looking at the camera for a second after they hear the shutter click to avoid downcast eyes.

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