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WWF Together, the animal conservation app from the World Wildlife Fund, is the only app we’ve ever tested that made us wish we could award more than five stars.  It’s that good.

Also, it’s free, so go download it right now.  We’ll wait.

This educational app is like nothing you’ve seen before.  At the most basic level, it showcases the animals that the World Wildlife Federation is fighting for.  But there’s so much more than that.

Why we like it:
Choose an animal to learn about, and you’re presented with a photo of it.  Zoom in, and each of the nine tiles offers a different interactive experience from Facetime (a narrated video) and conservation facts to captioned photos and a species snapshot (which tells you population, habitat, and how far away you live from these animals).

The acoustic guitar soundtrack is a nice accompaniment, and the origami paper video effects are amazing.  Very young kids will need a parent to navigate, but this makes a really good bedtime story.

Watch out for:
Currently there are eight species to explore.  If you want to be notified when rhinos, gorillas, sharks, and jaguars come online, be sure to set up an email notification.

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