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Whale Trail

Flying whales. What else is there to say, really?
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Whale Trail is difficult enough and weird enough to appeal to teen audiences.  Which is to say, my 12-year-old daughter has mastered it, but I haven’t.

Willow the Whale must leap into the sky to evade the Baron Von Barry.  Your kids have to steer him through what is frankly a pretty psychedelic landscape, smashing clouds and collecting bubbles.

Also, your kids will inexplicably meet up with characters who look a lot like the Beatles in Sgt. Pepper.  Of course.

Why we like it:
This app really stands out because it is unique, colorful, and positive.  The whimsical soundtrack is great too.  It’s mostly acoustic, but every once in awhile someone croons, “Whale Trail!” or “I can see my house from here!”.

Told you it was weird.

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