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The Moron Test

A think-fast game that builds mental agility
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The Moron Test HD has a terrible name.  Terrible!  But if and when you get beyond that, it’s a unique brain building app.

It’s not so much an IQ test as a game of reflexes and quick thinking — kind of a cognitive development thing.  Exercises for the brain.

Also, it’s stylish and very, very entertaining.  My kids compete for family high score regularly and laugh while they play.

Why we like it:

The point of the game is to graduate from Moron to Genius by successfully completing a series of seemingly simple (but really tricky) tests.  Their motto?  It’s fun to FAIL!  It’s also head-slappingly frustrating.

You’re asked to do things like tap the rubber ducks in order from large to small (they move), tap the green button five times (it changes color), and set the green clock to 6:15 (it’s gray, so don’t touch it).

A lot of times you aren’t supposed to do anything.  Just wait.  It tests patience and confidence.  Good luck with that.

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We tested version 1.o, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Developer DistinctDev, Inc. Read our disclosure policy.



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