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PopMath Basic Math

Bubbles make math fun. Who knew?
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popmathPopMath Basic Math makes doing flash cards fun for kids.  In this educational app, pairs of bubbles float across cute backgrounds on the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

The goal of the game is to pop the pairs in order until all the bubbles are gone.   Trust me: it’s a huge improvement over the flashcards we used as kids.

Why we like it:
Fun sound effects and end of level animations are a great improvement over analog flashcards.  Although it’s a timed game, it’s not stressful.  Kids can finish at their own pace, and there’s no such thing as “losing”.

The problems get too hard too fast in the multiplication and division modes.  Quick!  What’s 13×5?  What about 6×14?  From a learning standpoint, it’s better to drill the easier facts longer before moving on (which kids can do if they choose “Practice level 2″ instead of “Go to level 3″, but they rarely exercise this option).

We tested version 1.5, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 2.0 or later) and the iPod touch. Developer PopSoft. Read our disclosure policy.

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  5. bob says:

    this is tight

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