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PlayTime Theater

A portable puppet show theater for the iPad
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Best iPad Apps for Kids: PlayTime TheaterPlayTime Theater is a customizable, interactive castle play set that gives kids characters, props, and sound effects and invites them to create and record short shows.

This truly innovative app delivers what so many others promise (but don’t quite deliver): free play.

In a crowded field, this app stands out as the single best use of touch-screen technology that we’ve ever seen for kids.

Why we like it:

After watching a short tutorial video (an essential step, trust us), kids are ready for their directorial debut.   After getting the hang of things in rehearsal mode, they go “backstage” to add props, costumes, supporting characters, and sound effects to the below-stage button bar.  Then they’re ready to record.

To bring their story to life, they move the characters around the screen and activate props  by touching and swiping them.  At the same time, they’re speaking dialogue, adding sound effects, and being recorded.

In playback mode, the curtain rises on your child’s creation.   It’s delightful!

Despite a few flaws, we gave this app a very high score.   It crashed a couple times when my daughter was building her button bar (this is a known issue with a fix coming).  We also had the screen freeze a couple times in record mode and had to reboot.

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We tested version 1.0, which is compatible with the iPad. Requires IOS 4.2 or later.  Developer Make Believe Worlds. Read our disclosure policy.

One thought on “PlayTime Theater

  1. Seth says:

    Version 1.1 is done and submitted to the app store. We listened to our customers and added the most requested features: saving more than one show at a time and PlayTime Theater remembers where you left off.

    We’ve also added a surprise new feature: add you and your friends to the cast with pictures from your photo library.

    Version 1.1 includes stability fixes, user interface enhancements, new costumes and more.

    Look for his update very soon.

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