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Motion Math

Fun with fractions and decimals. No, really.
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Motion Math for the iPad is an educational math app that will make parents of math-averse kids fall down and kiss the ground.

Getting the hang of fractions isn’t e asy for everyone.   Do you know what really brought decimal values and fractions home for me?  A seven-year career selling bonds on Wall Street.  That’s the power of repetition people.

In this app, a star with a number on it bounces on a number line.  Kids tilt the iPad to make it land in the right spot.

Goodbye confusion, hello number sense!

Why we like it:

This is a game that kids want to win, which is critical for educational apps.  There are other nice touches too, like the man that says, “Perfect!” or “On the money!” when you bounce the star just right.  It’s not just fractions either: there are percentages, pie charts, and decimals too.

What else do we love?  Changing backgrounds.  Applause.  Hints.   Adjustable difficulty levels.  What don’t we love?  We can’t think of a thing.

Don’t have an iPad?  Get the iPhone version of Motion Math instead.

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We tested version 1.1.2, which is compatible with the iPad (iOS 3.2 or later). Developer Motion Math, Inc. Read our disclosure policy.

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