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Doodle Jump

Go higher and higher with this addictive jumping game
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doodlejumpDoodle Jump, the platform jumping game for the iPhone, iPod touch, and (best of all!) the iPad is indeed—”insanely addictive” as described by MacWorld.  Believe the hype.

Tilt your device left and right to make the Doodler jump from platform to platform, avoiding the brittle brown logs that break and make you plummet earthward.  You can even exit the right side of the screen and come in on the left.

Why we like it:
Catch a ride with a propeller beanie, grab a rocket pack, and protect yourself with a force field shield to catapult yourself to new high scores.  We love the combination of  simple game play and the funny sound effects (even though we’re not very good).  Watch out for black holes and monsters!

Why don’t they charge more for this game?  We have no idea.  It’s one of our top ten favorite iPhone games, and it’s even better on the iPad’s big screen.

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We tested version 1.18 which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 2.0 or later), the iPod touch, and the iPad. Developer Limo Sky.  Read our disclosure policy.

One thought on “Doodle Jump

  1. Thanks for the nice review:) This game really seems to be addictive. Not a kind of development game, but just to kill the time for fun – surely the best variant. It`s always hard to put down such pretty simple but really amusing games.

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