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BrainPOP Featured Movie

A free educational app that serves up an animated movie every day
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BrainPOP Featured Movie is an innovative educational app that delivers one — yes, just one — short animated educational movie every day on a variety of topics.

Your kids watch the hosts Tim and his robot pal Moby explore tons of subjects ranging from dinosaurs and aliens to natural disasters and the U.S. Constitution.


What’s Hot:
The movies are very subtly amusing and very informative.  Best of all, they are really short.  Pretty much anyone can stay tuned in for four minutes, right?  Right?

Kids will love the quiz that they can take immediately following the movie.  The app tracks and records your score, which is fun.  Let’s be honest, plenty of adults will like this app too.   I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a 4-minute video about Yo-Yo Ma?

Some subjects are boring or not just appropriate for all ages, such as “Mortgages”.  Never fear!  Just click More BrainPop > See More Movies, and choose something more interesting for your child.

Free.  Awesome.  Download now.

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We tested version 1.3.2, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  Developer BrainPOP. Read our disclosure policy.

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  1. farah says:

    how do you get on brainpop and you do not have a username and a password

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