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Badly Drawn Faces Pro

Quick! Is that Madonna, the Mona Lisa, or Shrek?
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Badly Drawn Faces Pro is not complicated, but it’s a hugely fun and original way to waste time on your iPhone or iPad.

Sharpy the Narwhal draws real and fictional faces on the screen.  Think you recognize them?  Quickly hit the guess button and type in your answer.  Answer accurately and you’ll get both points (yay winning!) and fish (which can be exchanged for hints when you get stuck).

Why we like it:
Play with your kids and everyone in the whole family will get a chance to feel smart.  You’ll recognize Elton John and George Bush, while they’ll recognize Scooby Doo and Harry Potter.  No one will recognize Kanye West, though.  At least not without a hint.

Watch out for:
Very young kids might get frustrated when playing alone, but it’s low pressure, so we kind of doubt it.  There’s a free version, but we think it’s well worth the $2 not to have to look at soup ads.  You may disagree.

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