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Angry Birds

It's birds vs. pigs in this fun strategy game
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  • $4.99/0.99/free

ipad and iphone apps for kids angry birdAngry Birds will appeal to lovers of Spikey’s Bounce Around and Doodle Jump.  It’s the same kind of physics meets cute characters sort of fun.  If you have an iPad, definitely spring for the HD version.

It’s also the number one paid app around the world, so it’s not exactly a secret.  I’m not sure what took us so long to try it.

Why we like it:
First of all, we love the silly story line.  Evil green pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs and are now hiding out in their castles.  It’s up to your kids to wreak revenge on them using (of course!) little red and blue birds and a giant sling shot.  Huh?

There are almost 200 levels of gameplay, so it’s unlikely your kids will ever run out of fortresses to assault.  Once they conquer a level, they can re-play it to improve their score.  In the (very likely) event they don’t conquer a level on their first try, they can just try again!

After each shot, a dotted line showing their trajectory stays on the screen so they can make adjustments to their next shot.  Also, there are leaderboards for the truly obsessive.

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We tested version 1.44, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  Requires iOs 3.0 or later. Developer Clickgamer. Read our disclosure policy.

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