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Touch Physics Lite

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A free, educational physics game that’s challenging for all ages

Grade: B | Age rating: 5+ | Price: Free

touch-physics-liteTouch Physics Lite is an educational app that challenges kids to move a small purple wheel to a yellow star target on the iPhone screen by drawing and dropping objects that perfectly obey the laws of physics.  Apparently it teaches perseverance.

Can you say frustrating?  How about infuriating?

Your kid’s finger is a virtual crayon that draws and drops objects on the wheel as he tries to move it to the target, which is often uphill or across a chasm.  Trial and error is the name of this fun and educational game.
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What’s Hot:
I’m not a cheater by nature, but I love the cheat prompt after 15 failed attempts that’s new with this version.  Enough is enough.  The mellow soundtrack and brown paper bag background are also appealing features of this game.

What’s Not:
It’s just too hard for kids who aren’t v-e-r-y patient and math-minded.  Maybe the full version has more easy levels.  I hope so.

The Bottom Line:
A very interesting app that’s well worth downloading for kids who love puzzles.

We tested version 2.1.0, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 2.2.1 or later) and the iPod touch. Developer Gamez 4 Touch. Read our disclosure policy.

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