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Write My Name

Throw out those boring, ol' handwriting books.
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Write My Name is a fun educational app that motivates preschoolers to practice writing the letters of the alphabet, sight words, and their own names.

Anyone who has spent time reminding a whiny, stubborn four-year-old to write the line for the letter A from top to bottom, will appreciate this app.

Kids use their fingers to trace the letters by following the sequence of arrows and lines of itty-bitty pictures as they appear. They can only trace in the direction the arrow points, which is great for learning about proper letter formation.

Why we like it:

Teachers can create 36 different nametags with a photo and a recording of each student’s voice to match their name.

Parents can use those nametag spaces to let their child photograph objects and people from their own lives. It’s so much more fun to practice the word cat, when you can hear a recording of your own pet kitty. Meow.

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2 thoughts on “Write My Name

  1. Is this handwriting instruction in uppercase and lowercase?

  2. man says:

    I think it’s Uppercase !!

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