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weetwooWeetWoo offers one-stop parent-curated video browsing for kids.  It’s the perfect antidote for all those questionable ads and skeevy YouTube videos you’d rather your little darlings didn’t see while looking for something educational and entertaining to watch.

Kids choose from among six channels that include Animals, Fun Shows, Learn, Music, People, and Places where the developers have listed hundreds of hours of kid-friendly programming with everything from funny kitten videos to a Discovery Education short biography of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Why we like it:
The app is very intuitive and easy to navigate and there’s a truly diverse selection of great videos.   Within the animals category for example, your kids can choose from All about Birds, Coral Reefs, Ice Animals and many others.  Each of these subcategories has up to 10 associated videos.

You can tell this app was parent designed because the videos average 2-4 minutes in length (just right for most kids’ short attention spans).

Since the videos are all hosted on YouTube, you’re going to need a WiFi connection for them to load quickly (but the app works with just 3G too, if you’re patient).  The video navigation is visual (like flipping pages).  This keeps you on one page, but takes some getting used to.  Finally videos burn battery life quickly, so charge up.

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We tested version 1.0, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 3.0 or later). Developer Net Junky Research LLC. Read our disclosure policy.

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