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The Queen Bee StoryChimes

An interactive audio fairy tale for the iPad, iPhone and Android
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queen-beeThe Queen Bee StoryChimes is an interactive children’s audiobook app for the iPhone and iPod touch that invites kids to turn the pages when they hear the chime.

The story is about ten minutes long, and even my 10-year-old enjoyed it.  Younger children will probably be happy to listen to it more than once.

Why we like it:

This classic story by the Brothers Grimm hasn’t lost its appeal, despite being almost 300 years old.  Three brothers go adventuring together.  The youngest (and kindest) of the three saves various insects and animals from his careless, unfeeling siblings, and reaps his just reward because of it.

In “Play With Text” mode the illustrations are crammed into the top half of the iPhone’s screen so that the text can appear at the bottom.  Since the story’s vocabulary is a little hard going anyway, have your kids play the story without text so they can see the books pages in more detail.

A nice story at a nice price.  StoryChimes has ten other titles too, so stock up before your next plane trip.

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We tested version 1.1, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 2.2 or later) and the second generation iPod touch. Developer Siena Entertainment LLC. Read our disclosure policy.

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