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It's not all fun and games, people. Oh wait, yes it is.
Jamie Pearson. and work as an Freelance writer, a mother of two, and the publisher of two popular-ish websites: Best Kids Apps and Travel Savvy Mom. at BestKidsApps.

Who  says iPhone and iPad games for kids have to be a mindless waste of time?  Not us.  Here are some of our favorite educational apps for kids:

monkey-preschool-lunchbox1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

A fun and funny educational app with colors, letters, and numbers for the preschool set.  There are some simple written instructions, but games are intuitive enough for the pre-reading crowd.  And silly enough.  And fun enough.
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popmath2. PopMath Basic Math

Why weren’t flashcards this fun when we were kids?  Match pairs of floating bubbles such as “7×8″ and “56″ in timed and untimed modes to sharpen elementary school level arithmetic skills.

Choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Not quite as challenging as flashcards, but not quite as boring either.
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wurdle3. Wurdle

Exactly like Boggle, but a solitaire version without all that earsplitting shaking of the letter cubes and the annoying upside letters.

You trace the words with your fingertip by sliding it over them sequentially.  So, for example, if you want to make T-O-P then T-O-P-S then T-O-P-S-Y, you just pause before adding the next letter.  Cool!
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touch-physics-lite4. Touch Physics Lite

It’s never too early for gravity, friction, acceleration, and energy.  A word of warning: this educational app is not for the easily frustrated.

I played it for fifteen minutes before throwing in the towel, but my infinitely more patient 7-year-old son stuck with it quite a bit longer.
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bookworm5. Bookworm

A fun, vocabulary-building word search game for all ages with great sound effects and graphics and enough options and challenges to keep it fresh for wordsmiths of all ages.

Make the longest words you can from the interconnecting tiles.  Avoid short words which get you flaming tiles that can burn down the whole library.  One of our all-time favorites!
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best educational ipad apps for kids6. Interactive Alphabet

A fun, sweet alphabet app that will have young kids wanting to go from A-Z over and over and over again.

This app has just the right amount of music, animation, and interactivity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.  We really love it.
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grover's-number-special7.  Grover’s Number Special

An endearing educational counting and cooking game for the iPhone and iPod touch with a sneaky side of good nutrition.

A friendly waiter (Grover, assisted by your child) takes a grouchy customer’s order and then prepares it, but something always seems to go wrong to great comic effect.  A really first-rate app—just what you’d expect from Sesame Street.
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geocaching8.  Geocaching

A global treasure-hunting game where participants (i.e. your kids) locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors by following clues and using WiFi, 3G, and GPS readings.

There are thousands of these containers hidden in cities, suburbs, and the countryside all over the world.  An added bonus?  Sometimes your kids can take a trinket and leave a trinket when they find them.  Learning was never this fun when we were kids!
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weetwoo9.  WeetWoo

One-stop parent-curated video browsing for kids.  And before you tell me that watching videos isn’t educational, may I just point out the mini-biographies of Ludwig von Beethoven and Joan of Arc?  Lots of good and fun content for younger kids too.
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sums-stacker10.  Sums Stacker

A sneaky educational app that’s so fun your kids won’t notice their practicing math.  Ha!  Take that kid!

Match the numeric value of the stacks to the numbers underneath using dice, coins, and numbers of various styles.
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22 thoughts on “Educational Apps for Kids

  1. Thanks for the review. Great that there`re such educational games for children. I think they are really funny and developing at the same time. As for me, an adult person, I liked the Bookworm and that one with bubbles to sharpen the arithmetics skills. I pretty need these 2 games for myself, just to train my brain)

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks for the list! I just downloaded most of them for our epic journey across the West. It would be helpful if you listed them in order of age. e.g. the first apps listed are for preschoolers, the next for early elementary-school-aged, the apps listed towards the bottom for older kids. kind-of like how Kepler’s lists children’s books in their email messages. Thanks again. Already M is loving the chicktionary game! :-)

  3. laterdais says:

    We downloaded these for our 10 day journey out West as well~ We were looking for educational ones to refresh what they learned last year in school etc..and even challenge them for next year…you should add smartyshortz, iearnedthat and starwalk to your list
    thank you!

  4. Arnold M. Wilson says:

    Great list of the best educational iPhone apps for kids. As a teacher myself, I have my own suggestion for parents and their children. It is also an educational iPhone game that can be added to this list. It is Kinder Hangman iPhone app that is one of the best educational iPhone applications that helps kids not only entertain themselves, but also learn new words and expands vocabulary signifficantly. Very useful iPhone application that helps parents keep kids busy.

  5. waterwatereverywhere says:

    Thank you for the recommendations- we got all the Smarty stuff and used the Starwalk app in Arizona to do some star gazing…and with Smarty Thank You, kids sent thank you’s along trip to all the hospitable people we met!

  6. Tali W says:

    Who Am I Animals. A great educational app for little kids that can be played in english, spanish and portuguese. This educational trivia will teach toddlers about animals and their sounds.

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  8. alex says:

    great games im a ki but im redesigning an iphone for school and the games are perfect for it

  9. joe says:

    Great a list of app reviews. It’s very helpful as in the iTunes store is quite hard to find something without any advanced filtering. It would be greta if you could even break it down more by preschoolers, etc. Do you know how different is a 2 year old kid from a 3 or 4, huge!

  10. Janie says:

    amazing collection. Loved it, because now there is no need to search on appstore which is a time consuming process, i find few more, let it for kids learning and paintings by paintLLC Do not forget to check these out. Kids always love colorful apps :)

  11. airport says:

    oh the Interactive Alphabet looks great my son will love this!!
    thanks so much :)

  12. joe says:

    liked the review, we are alos having a lot of fun with My Big World, massive content, easy to use and always find something new. Comes from a small company called aDad.

  13. Janet says:

    You can find a lot of good apps at or if you are the hunt for that fabulous new app on the horizon, Kickstarter has a lot of great independents like ‘My Beastly ABCs’.

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  15. Rashin says:

    Please check out “TTT” in App Store. It is an educational app for children ages 2+. It turns every object into a fun, interactive artwork. Children can look at the object, bring the object to life by touching it, learn the name of it, and develop their vocabulary in a creative, fun way never done before. This application is in 10 different languages.


  16. Michael says:

    “I can’t tell you how much my son loves “Smart Toddler School Pro++” app. After a week, he knows every word, and walks around all day singing ‘Red… Apple… Red… Apple…. Red, Red, Red.’ etc. Thanks for being so creative. He’s really learning his shapes. He loves to tell me how many points a shape has. He will say ‘Please give me that pillow…the rectangle one with four points?’  Also, the tracing letter, alphabets with graphic sound scheme is fantastic.

  17. jm says:


  18. Mila says:

    Awesome list! Our app just launched but I think once you take a look you might like to add it to your list.


  19. Chris Smith says:

    Greetings, We are a marketing firm in San Jose CA. We are looking to aquire a list of “Educational App” users/purchasers for company we are doing a campaign for. This mailing/email list would be used to send out surveys via SurveyMonkey. We are curious if you have such a service where we could purchase a list of this nature. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Regards, Chris Smith

  20. Nice apps for kids, i hope these also work well on ipad. Kids will just love interacting with these apps on ipad.

  21. Nick says:

    Family talk is the name of an app that my kids love. The smallest one is laughing all the time.

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