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SpinArtIf your kids love the Spin Art game on they’ll love SpinArt, an app that can travel with them anywhere. Make tie-dye like pictures that you can save to your photo gallery again and again. Or, upload pics from your camera and splatter them with paint.

Why we like it:
There are lots of different colors (and glitter!) to choose from. Pick your color, splotch size, and then  tap the white button and double click on the canvas to start the spinning. Click again to make it spin faster. If you’ve always thought of yourself more of a Jackson Pollock—don’t spin the canvas. Feeling artistically stuck? No worries. Just click on the Star button to access their Flickr Group to see what others have made from their SpinArt app.

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We tested version 1.5.1, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 2.0 or later) and iPod touch. Developer Brian Smith. Read our disclosure policy.

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  1. Alx says:

    I love this website!
    It’s a relief how I don’t have to search the app store anymore for the best apps instead I have to search for a life-saving website like this one! :D

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