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Shape-O! ABC’s

Fine motor skills and tasks for the smallest puzzlers
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best ipad apps for toddlers: shape-o! abc'sShape-O! ABC’s is a sweet, calming educational app that lets toddlers and preschoolers get their jigsaw puzzle fix (drag-and-drop style) with  everything from owls and mice to burgers and robots.

Also?  There are letters to be dragged and dropped too for a little sneaky reading practice.  F-O-X.

(there is also an iPhone version.)

Why we like it:

This is a very polished, visually pleasing app with intuitive navigation.  Clues are easy to come by, and kids can change the entire color scheme of a puzzle by tapping the rainbow icon.   We also like the “congratulations” graphics.  And with over a hundred puzzles, your kids can play this app all the way to Tokyo.

All in all, a perfect app for the pre-reading crowd.

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We tested version 1.02, which is compatible with the iPad (iOS 4.3 or later). Developer Bellamon.  Read our disclosure policy.

One thought on “Shape-O! ABC’s

  1. J.Sedwick says:

    My daughter who will be two in two weeks comes back to this app at every chance and she keeps saying “I love it!” It must be good.

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