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Paper Toss

A fun, free aiming and shooting app
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Paper-TossPaper Toss is exactly what it sounds like:  a dumb but harmless virtual office app where kids can try their hand at lobbing crumpled balls of paper into what one hopes are recycling containers on the iPhone screen.

A fan blows at varying speeds from the left and right to keep things interesting, but it’s a pretty one-dimensional game.  There’s a little skill to it, but not much.

Why we like it:
Funny background noises (phones, colleague cat calls, and typing at the office, and boarding announcements at the airport) .

There are ads across the top of the page, but your kids probably won’t notice or click them.  Still, it’s probably worth telling them not to (you can buy an ad-free version for $.0.99, but we don’t recommend it).  Your score is a function of how many shots you nail in a row, so it’s all too easy to go back to zero.

We tested version 1.3, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 2.2 or later) and the iPod touch. Developer Back Flip Studios. Read our disclosure policy.

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