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Montessori Crosswords

An educational app for the youngest crossword puzzlers
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BEST IPAD APPS FOR KIDSMontessori Crosswords is an educational iPhone and iPad app that introduces new readers to the pleasures of crossword puzzles.

Feels like playing, but it’s really a tool for teaching preschool aged kids to read and spell.

Why we like it:

There’s no way to get stuck on these puzzles.  First you choose the level that suits your child best.  Then the app speaks the words aloud as it builds the puzzle.  Touch the word clue image to hear it repeated.  Still stuck?  Touch the question mark next to the pictorial word list to see how a word is spelled.

(This isn’t really a fair complaint to make, since this app is designed for very young children, but I couldn’t help wishing there were some options for slightly harder puzzles so older kids could enjoy this app too.)

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We tested version 2.0.1, which is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires IOS 3.1 or later.  Developer L’Escapadou. Read our disclosure policy.

5 thoughts on “Montessori Crosswords

  1. Terri says:

    My kids really enjoy this app and it is great for letter recognition as well as phonics and spelling.

  2. Louisa says:

    What is supposed to make this ” Montessori”. In any Montessori school, including the one in which I teach they would start with only lowercase letters (what you really need to read books). And they would start phonetically. Montessori is a great “eye catcher” for sales but it doesn’t look any different than typical programs. Not Montessori at all.

  3. Louisa,
    I think you did not try the app. I’ve consulted montessori teachers to design the app and they are pretty happy with it :
    -the app has lowercase letters, uppercase letters and even cursive letters.
    -everything is phonetic in this app. when you touch a letter, it is the letter sound that you hear, and it is the letter sound of the displayed word (so, for example, long a or short a according to the word – even digraph sounds are supported). You can even touch white rectangles -where the word must be built- and hear the sounds that the word contains (phonemic awareness..)

  4. Sally says:

    My students love this app and I love it! I am able to modify for each of my special day class students to meet their individual needs. They really enjoy the activity at the end of successfully spelling a word that allows them to interact with the shapes in the sky. The only trouble I have with this app is that you are unable to turn off the function which offers help in the form of a card that flips over. I have some students who need and use this function, but I have others who do not need this assistance choosing to use the card so they can quickly get to the reinforcing activity. Of course we work on not flipping the card when it is not needed, but sometimes it is just too hard to resist :). Great app and I look forward to sharing what we have learned in class with my families!

  5. @Sally in the last update, there is an option to hide the help in the form of a card that flips over.

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