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Monkey Math School Sunshine

An educational app that your child will actually WANT to play.
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Monkey Math School Sunshine (from the creators of the bestselling app Monkey Preschool Lunchbox) partners your child with a frisky monkey as they tackle fun, beach-themed math activities.

There’s simple addition, counting, tracing, and pattern recognition, plus plenty of clams, star fish, crabs, jellyfish and shells.

Why we like it:
Great graphics, varied activities, and a swinging calypso soundtrack?  Check.

This fun app has rewards too.  Every time your child successfully completes a few levels, she’ll be rewarded with a prize (sea creatures to add to her aquarium).

We also like the way the monkey hoots and flips at correct answers and says “Uh oh!” and shakes his head at wrong ones — it’s gentle, but effective.

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