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JibJab Jr. Books has launched a story app that includes a free introductory book  called “The Biggest Pizza Ever”.

Simply upload a photo of your child’s face, trim and resize it to fit, and the app plugs your child into the animated story.

If you like the experience enough, you can buy additional stories a la carte for $7.99 or subscribe to monthly stories for $3.99.

Why we like it:

If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough of  Elf Yourself , this is the app for you.  There’s not quite as much dancing as in the web-based JibJab applications, but so what?  It’s still funny.  Since there’s only one character (your kid), it’s also much less work.

This is not award-winning children’s literature (spoiler alert: child makes ridiculously large pizza and must deal with the consequences), but it’s fun.  Don’t overthink it.

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We tested version 1.1, which is compatible with the iPad (version 4.3 or later). Developer JibJab Media Inc. Read our disclosure policy.

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