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A simple board-clearing strategy game
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flingfreeFling Free is the no-cost version of a fun and challenging app called Fling, and a great way to try before you buy.   The object of this addictive game is to “fling” the fuzzballs into each other across your iPhone screen and knock them off the grid until there is only one remaining.

Like puzzling over challenging mind games to which there is only one solution?  This is the app for you.

Why we like it:
The undo button is a fantastic and essential feature–it allows you to go back and try different scenarios when you get stuck.  An untimed mode for people like me who don’t enjoy racing against the clock. 

Gameplay is over way too quickly, even at the most difficult setting!  We understand that the developers want us to buy the full version, but only four levels?  Would it have killed them to include another level or two?  This app will leave you wanting more, which is the whole point.

We tested version 1.1.3, which is compatible with the iPhone (OS 3 or later) and the iPod touch. Developer Candy Cane. Read our disclosure policy.

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