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Face Melter

A hilarious photo deforming app
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  • $1.99/$1.99/$2.54

Face-MelterFace Melter is one of the funniest games in the iTunes Store.  I’ve shown this app to dozens of people (kids included), and every one of them cracked up—one woman laughed so hard, she actually wet her pants a little.

You take a picture of your face or your friend’s face with your iPhone (or import one from your photo library), and then deform your features by dragging your fingers across the screen.  You can make anyone look like Johnny Depp in the movie poster for “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”  Good times.

Why we like it:
Once you’ve finished stretching your nose halfway across the screen or giving yourself basset hound eyes, you can animate your new self portrait by touching the movie reel icon (this is when first-timers usually scream with laughter and/or wet themselves).

If your kids make ugly pictures of you (and they will), try to remember to delete them.

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Compatible with iPhone (OS 2.0 and later) and iPod touch (though you won’t be able to take photos because it lacks a camera).  Developed by Nico Becherer.  Ready our disclosure policy.

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