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Best iPad Apps of 2010 for Toddlers

Jen Leo. and work as an Co-founder of Best Kids Apps & LA Times Web Buzz column writer at BestKidsApps.

Some kids start playing apps earlier than others and because of that iPad user abilities can vary from child to child. What I like about these apps are that they can grow with you.  Read a book on the iPad with your toddler today, and in a couple years they’ll be reading to you.

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best ipad apps for toddlers and preschoolers1.  MONKEY PRESCHOOL LUNCHBOX

Age rating: 1.5+ | Price $1.99

Super cool! A playful monkey cheers you on as you count fruit, put puzzles together, match cards. Stickers are your reward and a happy, dancing monkey of course! Highly addictive. Some screens might require mom or dad to help their toddler.

best ipad apps for toddlers2. DR. SEUSS’S ABC

Age rating: 2+ | Price $2.99

Learn the alphabet with Dr. Seuss. It’s hard to pick which Dr. Seuss book to buy first, so why not just start them early with this one. Then you can add The Cat in the Hat next. I like how you can click over an object on the page and the word will appear over it, along with the narrator telling you what it is. Great for promoting early reading skills.

best ipad apps for toddlers3. FISH SCHOOL HD

Age rating: 1+ | Price $1.99

This new educational app is disguised as a fish tank of fun. Brought to you by the much loved developer Duck Duck Moose, colorful fish turn into letters, numbers and shapes. Best for toddlers and preschoolers starting to learn the alphabet.

The screen for “play time” is a recess for your child amid all the learning. We started with the screen that sings her the alphabet with the fish arranging themselves into the letters.

best ipad apps for toddlers and preschoolers4. LETTERS A TO Z

Age rating: 1+ | Price $0.99
download on itunes

A simple and quiet alphabet sequence. Great for toddlers (and parents) that are turned off by louder, more complicated games. At first glance it looks like you’re only going to get letters on a card, but don’t forget to touch the letters and the pictures.

The letters will be read to you and the pictures have a bit of animation. Recommended for kids that are new to the iPad and not yet addicted to hidden objects or a faster pace.

best ipad apps for toddlers5. CLICKYSTICKY

Age rating: 1+ | Price $0.99
download on itunes
It’s a sticker book on your iPad with four different scenes to choose from. Let your children adventure to outer space, take their imaginations to an African safari, deep beneath the sea or play with jets and and helicopters.

One of my favorite features of this app is the fact that the objects make noise from trumpeting elephants to silly aliens.   Whee!

best ipad apps for toddlers6. FIRSTWORDS: ANIMALS

Age rating: 1+ | Price $1.99
download on itunes
As a mom, I love this app because it impresses a lot of strangers at airports and restaurants. OK, lets face it, when Cora completes a word it impresses her aunts and uncles too.

Also, it’s good to know that she’s learning the alphabet and simple animal words at the same time she’s having fun. It might look like baby homework, but she will choose to play this app on her own.

Tip: I load our iPad (and iPhone) up with kids apps and have fun watching which apps my daughter is drawn to. Many of the apps listed above she plays with over and over again.

best educational ipad apps for kids7.  INTERACTIVE ALPHABET

Age rating: 1+ | Price $2.99

If you’ve got a kid who’s just ready to start cracking the alphabet code, this is the app to download.

Why wasn’t learning letters this fun when we were kids?

Each letter is accompanied by mellow, Hawaiian-sounding background music, a soothing voice, and just the right amount of animation (which your child gets to activate).  It’ll make you wish there were more than 26 letters in the alphabet.

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28 thoughts on “Best iPad Apps of 2010 for Toddlers

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  2. Em says:

    Thanks for the recommendations!
    My son is 2 & a half & he just loves the iPad. I thought I’d share his favourite – Flashcards for iPad.
    It’s a really impressive app for little ones to learn on & the design & graphics are awesome! The content is vast, covering recognition of things, colors, numbers, shapes, animals – all familiar objects that they just love! The app is full of great graphics, interactive tools & sound effects. He goes straight for it in the apps menu & can spend as long as I’ll let him (!) using all the components. Another impressive element is that it comes for 3 languages – English, Spanish & French & we are encouraging our son to use the app’s bilingual feautures, which is is having loads of fun with so far. His 5 year old cousin also loves it, pressing each of the letters to practice pronunciation and spelling out the words & playing the mini games. All in all, a great app for kids to have fun with & get started on building strong language skills & confident learning. Check it out!

  3. Susan Marie Kairalla says:

    My not yet two year old grandson and not yet three year old granddaughter both have been playing with the iPad since April (4 months ago). They are both quite proficient at turning it on and off, as well as, changing the programs using the little button. They swing it around from portrait to landscape like pros.

    They both like the MONKEY PRESCHOOL LUNCH BOX and WHEN I GROW UP the best. They also like “iFish Pond,” because they like to “scare” the fish and/or watch them swim in the water. I am very amazed at how tolerant the iPad is of the abuse that children of this age might inflict on them, but so far so good. I am considering getting them one so that I can use mine when they are around.

    My nearly three granddaughter plays with it while on the “potty.” You can only imagine what we call the successful completion of that task…iP**P and iP*e. Sanitizing the iPad is an easier than sanitizing the child. I am looking forward to iPad in our schools. They have made all other forms of electronic educational games in my house available for purchase at the next garage sale!

    I am posting this on my Facebook Page, along with your web address.

  4. Gen says:

    I’m a little late on this post but I like the recommendations. I’m sure there are tons more apps out there since this was posted. I have a 7 month old and of course she is too young for the learning apps, but we do use a colors book and soother from the Tubby Tots all the time because she loves the vibrant colors of the characters. iphone apps are also great for on-the-go!

  5. Susan, I agree. I’d like an updated list as well! I designed an app for tots called Drum Circle Kids. My boy loved it at 10 months. We were featured on NBC’s Moms & The City and Voted Babble’s Top 50 Apps For Kids. Check it out:

    We’re updating with a drum sequencer for even more interactivity.

  6. Have you checked out our free Kid Mode app? It lets you add all your favorite apps into one safe environment. Our Child Lock feature keeps the kids in our app where they can play our fun, educational games or any of the apps you add in.

  7. Dave says:

    My 2 year old loves Elmo loves ABCs which is extremely interactive and also works on motor skills by tracing the letters to unlock the features of each letter. For learning numbers up to 20 he loves Tally Tots…also very interactive and well thought out by programmers.

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  10. Lia says:

    My 2 year old daughter has taken over my IPAD. She knows how to turn it on and use it better than I do. We have many apps for her, and I finally found an interactive book for her that she LOVES. It’s called Hiding Hannah.

    Before this I wasn’t that impressed with the books out there for kids of her age.

  11. Catherine says:

    My older kid is addicted to guitar hero and there is an ongoing fight over the game. I only got some peace after we bought iPad and the little one is spending time on this. There was this app I think it was called Vegetable Band or something like that. Anyway, there are these vegetables and if you tap on them, they start making some sounds and you can put them all to make sounds together.

    Not only it settled the fights but it also made my youngest love carrots. Go figure!

  12. mng says:

    Hi there

    I am an independent app developer. I am developing a new app for kids and would love to have some beta tester. I have seen great constructive comments here. Wonder if anyone here will be keen as a beta tester for the App I am working on?

    Some information on my upcoming app here

    Please leave me a note on the wall if you will love to have a free go on my app!

    Thank you!

  13. Our 1 and 3 year old kids love the animal match game called Animemory. The game has great graphics and funny extra elements like falling fruit and really nice sounds!


  14. Sharon Harris says:

    ClickySticky is definitely a great app! It’s a really nice in its simplicity. If you update your list, you should definitely have a look at this wonderfully made app: for learning everything about letters, even handwriting them. Quite an addicitve app, which is uncommon for this type of app (abc/handwriting).

  15. Maya says:

    “Music Color” is my best kids app. they learn the colors and classical music. with a lot of beautiful images.

  16. E. James says:

    How sad to read people using ipad with such small kids. Nothing like that plugged in toddler to give you oodles of quiet time.

  17. M.R.B. says:

    We use apps as a reward system for our 3 year old autistic son – not as a means of getting “quiet time.” What is that anyway? As a parent who is very active in their child’s life I find obtuse people like you – E. James – sad.

  18. GooGoo says:

    My son’s favourite is GooGoo. Check it out.

  19. Dustin says:

    MTV you aRe a troll and a hypocritical oaf I am sure your children just love there Elmo and sponge bob to co e in to a topic and do nothing but assume your way and only your way is right is idiotic as best.
    You know nothing off any o e of these people’s living situations parenting skill or how the spend time with there child!
    So spend a lil less time judging and maybe focus on things that may make you a better less judgmental douchebag

  20. sarah says:

    My 5 years old is getting into French with Animal Alphabet in French. A great app to boost second language learning.

  21. Teresa says:

    My girls favorite iPad app is baby tap and learn –

  22. adsouk says:

    This game is 100% free and ad free. Great and simple with excellent graphics . Good for 1-3 year olds: Words with tots

  23. Amanda says:

    My 2y old girl loves this app, it’s for iPhone and iPad and looks great. Its a must have for parents

  24. Sandra says:

    We are loving an app called All About Me Storybook. We made a book about my daughter with pictures of her and her first name and address and she LOVES to look at herself and record herself! FUN idea to learn her personal info.

  25. Pavel says:

    I never saw ABC with clay animation before:…/id640478677?mt=8
    Animals could repeating your voice. I like reaction of Tiger :) it’s very funny.

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