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Best Halloween iPhone and iPad Apps of 2010

Spooky fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school kids
Jen Leo. and work as an Co-founder of Best Kids Apps & LA Times Web Buzz column writer at BestKidsApps.

Best Kids Apps: Wood Puzzle Halloween HD1. Wood Puzzle Halloween HD

Age rating: 1+ | Price: $1.99
download on itunes

It’s totally refreshing to have Halloween-themed toddler and preschool apps that have nothing to do with scary images or blood and guts. My toddler loves this app (and any app puzzles for that matter!). Each tile is its own “wooden” puzzle where the user slides the appropriate pieces to complete a Halloween costume. This version is for the iPad, but take off the HD in the title if you want to use it on your iPhone or iPod touch ($0.99).

2. 123 Glow HD Coloring Book, Halloween Edition

Age rating: 1+ | Price: $1.99
download on itunes

If your son or daughter enjoyed the 123 Talking Coloring Book, why not update their creative space with some new pages to color for Halloween? I was able to buy the app on sale for $1.99 because it was featured on Apple’s “New & Noteworthy List”. So hurry, before they raise the price. Even still, it’s worth it if you’ll use the multiple language feature.

This version is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Best Kids Apps: Halloween Stickers3. Halloween Stickers

Age rating: 1+ | Price: $0.99
download on itunes

Here’s more harmless Halloween cheer for your little ones. If they engage in stickers on apps like Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, why not try out an app that’s devoted to dragging cute Halloween figures up on a thematic page? There are five different backgrounds to choose from.

Downside? I wish it had sound.

This version is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Best Kids Apps: Singing Pumpkins

4. Singing Pumpkins

Age rating: 2+ | Price: FREE

download on itunes

If your baby insists he or she isn’t a baby any more and *wants* to be scared—Singing Pumpkins is a soft transition. On one screen (look for the musical note in the left hand corner) 12 jack-o-lanterns squeak, scream and squeal – often in a child’s voice.

Toggle from the musical note to the ghost position and hear some slightly scarier sounds. I’d lean on showing this to kids that are already in pre-school vs. one-year-old babies. Note: Unlike most other free apps, there were no annoying ads playing throughout the app. If there was one initial ad in the beginning, I don’t even remember it.

This version is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Best Kids Apps: Treat Street for Halloween5. Treat Street

Age rating: 2+ | Price: $0.99
download on itunes

A super cute Halloween game that lets kids practice trick or treating. First, dress your person in a silly costume and then hit the streets. Touch a house to trick or treat by either ringing the door bell or knocking on the door. Not scary at all. I wish the candies could be Reeses, M&M’s or Skittles — but young children might not be disappointed in the nameless lollipops and hard candies.

There is also a HiDef version ($1.99) good for just the iPad, but the version above is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Best Kids Apps: Cookie Doodle6.  Cookie Doodle

Age rating: 2+ | Price: $0.99

download on itunes

This design-your-own cookie app is not specifically for Halloween but it has a holiday feature with Halloween-themed cookie cutters like pumpkins, witches and bats. Get it now and use it for the winter holidays too.

This version is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Best Kids Apps: Adventure Math Halloween7. Adventure Math on Halloween HD

Age rating: 5+ | Price: $1.99
download on itunes

This is a terrific educational app that teaches kids addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with four different Halloween-themed games including Halloween Bingo, Halloween Match, Pumpkin Hunter and Catch a Ghost. There is an Easy, Medium and Hard setting for each of the games. Kids will like that they can insert their name and choose from one of three Avatars. We hope that you’ll play with this on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad well after Halloween fades into the twilight. Note: The above version is for your iPad, the iPhone and iPod touch app can be downloaded here for only $0.99.

Best Kids Apps: Doodle Jump8. Doodle Jump

Age rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
download on itunes
One of our favorite apps of all time got a Halloween update. If you haven’t tried Doodle Jump, note that it is an irresistible game that’s great for all ages including adults. If you already have it, note that the Halloween update is free and comes with a ghoulish background of bones, eyeballs and bats.

Best Kids Apps: Snack Attack a Halloween game9. Snack Attack

Age rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
download on itunes
This totally addictive Halloween game flies under the radar. I was surprised at how few reviews it had in the iTunes store. Fend off trick-or-treaters dressed as zombies, ghosts, devils and more by throwing candy at them. Use your candy bombs to attack when being blitzed by monsters. Moms and Dads can rest assured the costumes are not scary. A great game for the family to play together.

Best Kids Apps: Angry Birds Halloween10. Angry Birds Halloween HD

Age rating: 5+ | Price: $1.99
download on itunes

This is the Halloween version to the insanely popular iPhone and iPad app. Seek your revenge on the green pigs and smash pumpkins while you do. Note: reviewers complained that it was too similar to the original and should’ve been made an update instead of a new price. The version above is for your iPad, the iPhone and iPod touch app can be downloaded here for only $0.99.

11. Candy Catch

Age rating: 4+ | Price: $0.99
download on itunes

Brought to you by Lima Sky, the same developers that make Doodle Jump. Tilt your iPhone or iPod touch horizontally to catch candy corn and pumpkins. Watch out for those pesky spiders though – they’ll get you!

Despite the stellar reputation of Doodle Jump, I thought Snack Attack was more fun than this game. But the price is right and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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  1. Nicola says:

    You can also spook your friends this Halloween with Punflay’s Dress Jack-o-Ween-

  2. Check out scary screens. Turn your iPad into your halloween costume! turn your iPad into a Hologram!



  3. Jennifer says:

    My kids love the Prize Claw Halloween Apps.

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