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Best Halloween iPad Apps of 2011

Lots of Halloween fun on your iPhone or iPad
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Last year we put together a list of our Best Halloween iPhone and iPad apps for kids. My (then toddler) daughter played with several of them well past Halloween, but now it’s time to freshen up our iPad with the newest Halloween story books, puzzles, games and not-so-spooky app treats for toddlers, preschoolers and grade school kids.

Here’s our list of our favorite Halloween apps that we’ve found since last year.

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch

Age rating: 2+ | Price: $2.99

download on itunes

A sweet puppy dog tale that’s enchanting for the little ones regardless if they’ve read other Biscuit story books. See what else Biscuit finds at the pumpkin patch besides pumpkins. We love that this app also contains a coloring book and a sticker book feature too. It might distract the kids from reading if they’re in control of the iPad or iPhone, but it will keep them coming back to this app again and again.


The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk

Age rating: 2+ | Price: $2.99

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There’s nothing scary about this app! The littlest of Halloween trick-or-treaters can get the Berenstain Bear’s Halloween story read to them by their parents, or via Auto Play. Pre-schoolers can touch words and characters to see the word read aloud to them, and turn the pages them selves by touching the lower right corner.

Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book

Age rating: 3+ | Price: $ 0.99

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This Disney puzzle app was released shortly before Halloween last year, but it only crossed our radar this year. And boy does my (almost 3-year-old) love it. She might gravitate towards it because Mickey is a recognizable character, or simply because she loves puzzles. This app contains high quality graphics, and the shaded puzzle  background makes it easier for kids that are new to puzzle apps. The book is a little scarier than the two previous Halloween books on our list—but not to fret—Mickey dispels anything haunting quickly. My preschooler never flinched. Note: While it’s good for puzzles, the text lacked the highlighting that other story book apps have spoiled us with.

What Was I Scared of? – Dr. Seuss

Age rating: 2+ | Price: $ 0.99

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The latest Dr. Seuss book to hit the app store. The center of the story is a green pair of pants. The whats-it is scared but the friendly female voice reading on auto play isn’t very frightening at all. The best part of this book is in the surprise interactivity. Touch and tap the screen to learn a wide range of Dr. Seuss vocabulary like Grin-itch Spinach, Roover River, and Brickel bush. Good for early readers and to add to your Dr. Seuss app collection.

ABC – Magnet Alphabet HD

Age rating: 1+ | Price: $ 0.99

download on itunes

This app is an instant grandparent pleaser. Watch your child drag fridgerator-like magnets up on to a magnet board that changes color and design. I was super impressed when my almost 3-year-old spelled out her name, mom, dad, and cat. But lets not forget about the holiday feature. It comes with a Halloween backdrop and a scene of trick-or-treaters, pumpkins, bats and more to create. Also has scenes for other holidays too. We normally don’t like reviewing apps with in-app purchases, but the extra scenes you can purchase are totally buried within the app and fairly difficult for a toddler to figure out. Or at least more difficult than a typical one-click on the home page.

Sammy Squirrel and the Haunted Numbers

Age rating: 3+ | Price: $ 0.99

download on itunes

We love it when our kids play math apps! Sammy Squirrel (I never saw a squirrel past the home page) offers you five counting and number games in one app. Enjoy a matching game, count Halloween treats and listen to audio cards and match numbers. The best part about this app is that they have a head to head game so two players can play at the same time.

Zombie Music Halloween

Age rating: 3+ | Price: FREE

download on itunes

This app cracks me up. Touch the keys on the piano keyboard and watch the zombies pop up. Hold down the keys and they sing their note longer. Touch the icons on the right to see a wolf howl, thunder strike, hear a female scream, and turn the moon into a jack-o-lantern. At first I was afraid of in app purchases because it was a free app, but when I followed the one single download banner, I found that led to a free app. Warn your kids that touching it will take you out of the game before you let them play, or better yet – play the app with them and laugh at the silly zombies. Try hitting a few zombies at once to see the ghouls pop up together. Note: Another app from 2010 that we found this year.

Millie’s Book of Tricks & Treats

Age rating: 3+ | Price: $ 0.99

download on itunes

Do you dress your dog up for Halloween? Millie, the adorable dog is ready for trick-o-treaters. She’s all dressed up and ready to play—play you 40 different doggie videos. Scratch away the cob webs, knock on doors, press the door bell and hunt for hidden stickers. Great for a giggle.

The Adventures of Gilbert the Ghost

Age rating: 4+ | Price: $ 0.99

download on itunes

Best for kids in Kindergarten or older. This is a challenge game to gather candy and earn points. Watch out for spiders and zombies! We love that there’s both an easy and hard level to reach a wider audience, especially for siblings sharing an iPad.



If you didn’t find any apps that suit your family, that’s probably because our list from last year still rocks. Check out Best Halloween iPhone and iPad Apps.


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