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Best 2011 Christmas Apps for your iPhone and iPad

Plenty of Christmas fun on your iPhone or iPad
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It’s not too late to load up your iPhone or iPad with Christmas apps. We’ve been testing as many new Christmas apps as possible. At first I thought it was slim pickings, but then we found some gems.

Here are some party stoppers whether you want to track Santa and his reindeer throughout the day and night, want a piece of Christmas nostalgia, or simply want some silly Christmas fun. If you’re addicted to apps like we are – don’t miss last year’s list of Best Christmas & Holiday iPhone Apps for Kids.

Toca Hair Salon — Christmas Gift FREE, ages 1+
Hands down, our favorite Christmas App this season. Give Santa or a Christmas tree a hair cut with scissors, a buzzing razor, or simply dye it purple. This great app will have the kids (and adults) laughing with their wacky creations.

Totally silly, my 3-year-old loves the blow dryer the best. She blows his hair up in his face and thinks it’s hilarious. Note: This is one of the best free apps I’ve seen in a while, but there is an in-app purchase available for $1.99 if you’d like to have six more characters (kids and animals) to cut.

A Charlie Brown Christmas $1.99, Ages 2+
If the TV version of a Charlie Brown Christmas gives you warm fuzzies, you might want to show your kids this story book app.  Not as many hidden interactive gems as I would like, but a wonderful way to share mom and dad’s childhood Christmas memories with their children.

Plus kids can decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments. Yes, Shroeder plays the famous Charlie Brown Christmas carol on the piano. And your toddler or preschooler can play the piano themselves, too!


Santa Tracker Mobile $1.99, 8+
A parent’s tool to keep the kids looped in to Santa’s every where abouts.  Watch Santa’s location (not Santa) as a pin on a map as he travels across the world. Let your device track your current location and the app will tell you how many hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas.

There are lots of santa trackers – but without all the cutesy clip art, this one looks very official. Music turns on and off and you can also share via Twitter or Facebook.


Holiday Time Machine $0.99, Ages 1+
The title of this app should really be all-you-can-play Christmas videos! Scroll to a year and get a popular Christmas movie, tv show, commercial, or music video clip via YouTube. From the “Rock Em Sock Em Robots Commerical” of 1967, “The Wiggles – Jingle Bells” from 2000, to broadcasts from Barack Obama or Queen Elizabeth in 2008.

There are lots of holiday songs from pop stars too. Note: The only questionable viewing I found was a Victoria’s Secret Christmas TV commercial in 2008. Might want to play this one with your kids, just in case you’d like to fast forward any videos.


Want more Christmas apps? Here’s last year’s list of Best Christmas & Holiday iPhone Apps for Kids.

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