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Animatch: Animal Pairs and Sounds

A perfect memory matching game for young kids
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Animatch: Animal Pairs and Sounds is a digital version of one of the most enduring family games of all time: memory match.

It’s a great first app for young children, and it’s from the makers of Doodle Jump, so you know it’s going to be good.

Why we like it:
Adding animal sounds is an inspired touch!  This app gets everything else right too.  It’s very mellow and pleasing on the eye with good graphics.   And when kids make a match?  The cards wiggle and glow yellow.  Fun!

As far as navigation goes, it’s seamless.  There’s no reading required and no way to get lost in unnecessary options while launching it.  The app does keeps score (which we don’t love), but that’s easy enough to ignore.

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We tested version 1.6.1, which is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.  Android version available too.  Developer: Lima Sky.  Read our disclosure policy.

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